Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2 for 1 specials

Seems I am breaking down inside piece by piece.

Last year for my birthday, I had my uterus removed.  The surgeon was offering a 2 for 1 special so I also had a large cyst taken care of that had developed on a gland in an area that I won't mention.  For a few months I felt amazing!  Wishing I had my uterus ripped out years ago.  Then the pain started in my ovary, and I am part of the less than 1% who have the cyst return!  SO, next week, I go back under the knife.  It's that time of year again and my surgeon is running the same special.  Two surgeries for the price of one.  I get to have one ovary removed and the glad that likes to develop the obtrusive cysts is getting removed all together!  That'll teach glands to mess with me!  Behave glands or I will rip you out!

Today I have all my pre-op appointments.  I am trying to be optimistic about the whole thing.  It's such a pain.  I have so many other things that I think I would rather deal with.  Teeth drilling for example.  And if I am going to choose a surgery... lets go with something more beneficial - like a tummy tuck or new boobs.  Apparently there was no way to slip either of those things into this surgery.  The Dr was only offering these two.

I know that "it'll be worth it", that "you'll feel so much better"... but that was the lil words of wisdom I was holding on to LAST time.  Today I think I may ask the surgeon if there are any other optional parts in my girl region that I don't really need, that she go ahead and take those out as well.  Just clean everything out - make it pretty and call it a day.

At least this surgery will only have me depending on others for a few days.  As soon as I am off the pain meds I can drive.  From the time I broke my shoulder, I know that I can go w/o pretty easily.  I have a pretty high pain threshold.  So MY plan is to be back in action by Thursday.  I still have to follow Dr. restrictions for lifting and 'activity' for 6 long grueling weeks.  But at least I can drive, the girls where they need to be.  Think Husband and I will have to plan an early anniversary trip.  ;-)

Alas, I am off to embrace the day of talking about things that make teenagers giggle. (who am I kidding, those words still make me giggle)  Getting poked, prodded, measured, and pretty much removing every ounce of conservative from my day.

Embrace your day lovelies, and if you think your day is odd, remember that mine is pretty awkward today as well.  Mwah!

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